A Who’s Who In Digital Marketing: Know The Professionals. |

A Who’s Who In Digital Marketing: Know The Professionals.

In today’s digital era, no organisation or start-up can keep pace with the latest marketing trends if it does not have a Digital Marketing team. However, the right kind of resources is crucial to an effective digital marketing team. The position titles within the team may vary according to the business decision but the vital structure of a digital marketing team should encompass the following:

  • Content Management
  • Business Development
  • Operations Department

The Head of Marketing or Project Manager is the team lead whose role is to shape the overall creative strategy and direct the team from a technical standpoint. They base their work around the needs, requirements and desires of the client’s digital marketing or SEO campaign. But the three pillars beneath are the building blocks of a successful digital marketing campaign.

Let us take a deeper look into the various positions that can be included under each of these core responsibilities of the digital marketing team.

The Content Department Is Responsible For Managing Unique Content For Your Site.

Now, the Content Management Department contain the editorial staff who is responsible for building and managing the content. This department could include the following positions:

  • Web Designer: a person responsible for creating catchy designs and making the website user-friendly in order to capture and retain the volume of customers.
  • Web Editor: a person who is responsible for planning, developing and editing the content in line with the brand’s persona.
  • Blog editor: As the name suggests, this person is responsible for creation and management of the content published on the blog. The goal is to make the content as engaging as possible.
  • Video editor: A person whose sole task is to manage the video content with the focus to maximise video presence.
  • Social Media Manager is the person taking care of the social media presence of the brand. The most commonly used social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pin it and so on. In the case of small businesses, the role of social media manager can be extended to managing private communities as well.
  • Mobile App Developer: With the advent of smartphones domination, it has now become a necessity to have websites optimised for mobile phones. For this reason, the digital marketing team should have a Mobile App Developer.

The Content Management Department acts as the backbone of the digital marketing team and is then support function of business development.

The Business Department Manages The Key Strategies That Help Your Business.

The role of Business Development/Acquisition Department is simply to design strategies to acquire new customers and execute campaigns around it. Normally, the following positions are responsible for the business development function in a digital marketing team:

  • Traffic Manager: a person who not monitors and manages the customer traffic through organic and paid campaigns but also designs strategies to do so.
  • Analytics Manager: a person who creates effective strategies to collect and analyse data, develops and tracks key performance indicators for the brand. The analytics manager is responsible for information sharing across the digital marketing team.
  • Graphic Designer is the person responsible for designing all graphic content including images and designs for the website.

The Operations Team Aims To Consistently Deliver High Results For Your Campaign.

For a business to sustain the challenges of digital marketing it is essential to have a vigilant Operations department that continuously works to develop campaigns to retain existing clients and attract potential ones. It will ensure that inbound marketing channels are there to pull new customers into the funnel. This department requires following positions to function smoothly:

  • Optimisation manager: a person who is responsible for converting the leads into substantial revenue sources.
  • Email marketing manager: a person who develops and executes email marketing strategy and design.
  • Link Builder: a person responsible in finding quality website & blogs to do link building from related to the client business.

If the roles are thoroughly defined for each type of resource within a digital marketing team; any brand is guaranteed to flourish. Many brands do not do well with other P’s of marketing but with an effective digital marketing strategy, they hit profits in no time.

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