Five Keys You Have To Have For Your Product Packaging |

Five Keys You Have To Have For Your Product Packaging

Making sure you have the perfect packaging for your product is a tough challenge. Getting it wrong can cause you a world of pain for your business. But getting it right can see the wave of benefits come in: brand recognition, sales and profits.

So when it comes to packaging, how do you get it perfect? How do you assure you get the right packaging without the need for bespoke packaging solutions? How do you completely master it? We have the five key things that you have to get right for your product:

The Right Graphic Or Image

Remember the adage that “a picture is worth 1,000 words”? That works perfectly with product packaging. But you have to be careful about making your graphics or images take over your packaging. There has to be a fine balance between words and photos. Nothing kills the buzz of a product more than having way too many graphics or images. Keep it simple and to the point.

Get The Right Font

Fonts are usually important for businesses, as you have to get the right one that represents your business. There is nothing worse than having an out-of-place font on a product that doesn’t work for it. Make sure you get it right, as well as ensure that the size of the font also works with your product packaging.

The Packaging Material

Regardless if you have a massive product that require extra protection or if you are providing gift boxes in Melbourne, deciding on the materials of your packaging is going to go a long way for you. There is no questioning that when it comes to ensuring that your product is going to work, deciding on the material (how heavy it is, how it looks and how it feels for your customer) is a vital point to nail down.

Do You Go With The Shine Or Not?

Many packages are now laminated to create the perfect feeling for customers. You have to ask yourself the question: do you go with a shine or don’t you? This is one of the earliest things you should decide, so you have a firm base on what is going to work for your business or not. Do some market research and see what your competitors are doing.

Going For The Perfect Layout

Take your time and see what layout works best for your packaging. Some companies find that less is more, while others find that going for an overloaded design works for them. Whatever it is, take your time to find out what works for your business.

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