Going Native—Why is this Better? |

Going Native—Why is this Better?

A lot of people see beautiful flowers and want them for their own gardens. They choose their plants not based on the plants’ required environments, but because of how they look. Well, we need to tell you that this is not the right way to go about planning your garden.

The first thing you need to consider is how your plants will react to an environment that you pace them in. Landscapers in Melbourne will tell you that planting native plants will increase the chances that your plants will actually grow and last for a while. And that native plants are no less beautiful than other plants.

Native Plants to Choose From

  • Aussie Rambler

The Aussie Rambler has deep pink flowers that will make your garden pop with color. It is a creeping succulent with long stems. Certain types of Aussie Ramblers can withstand extremely cold temperatures and drought. They are tough blooms that can cover your garden floor and survive for longer than you can ever imagine.

  • Velvet Kangaroo Paws

There are many different kinds of Velvet Kangaroo Paws, and they come in all colors, as well. There is gold velvet, regal velvet, amber velvet, and ruby velvet. Even through the flowers are small, the colors or so loud that even just a few of them will liven up your garden. Again, these flowers are more than just pretty—they are strong, too. They can withstand diseases and live up to years.

  • Purple Fusion

The Purple Fusion is a plant that never loses its color. It is a beautiful shade of purple that lasts all year-round. From spring to winter. These flowers are also perfect to cover your garden floor, as minimal trimming is required.

  • Callistemon

There are so many kinds of Callistemon flowers—flora burst, scarlet flame, red alert, McArthur, and so much more. But the one thing these flowers have in common are their puffy flowers that have the most beautiful coloring. They can bloom as many times as they want, and, like the Purple Fusion, they also survive all year-round.

  • Blue Gem

Apart from its sturdiness, the Blue Gem is also known for its purple and blue flowers that just call your attention. The beauty of the blue gem is unique, for its shade never loses its original luminescence.

Benefits of Having Native Plants

Unlike exotic flowers, these flowers can withstand the harshest Australian weather conditions. Not because these flowers are stronger—although they can be—but because these flowers are acclimated to the Australian temperature and environment.

The benefit of having native plants is just that. The plants are used to the environment and they do not need to adjust. Thus, they are easier to maintain and to keep alive. When the plants have established their roots, after the installation, they will become even easier to maintain. Some of these beautiful blooms can even withstand droughts and storms.

Check out the top landscaper in Kew region or other landscaping companies to install these plants for you. After installation, all you need to do is make sure that they establish themselves in your garden.

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