The Reasons You Should Be Getting Slate Roof Tiles |

The Reasons You Should Be Getting Slate Roof Tiles

If you look throughout roofs in Melbourne, you will notice that slate roofs stand out. And there are very good reasons for that. You see, slate tiles are considered the best roofing materials on the market. When you spend money on tiles, going for slate tiles means getting an option that is of the highest quality. You know you are getting bang for your buck. But there more to these tiles than merely being the best on the market. What makes them the best? We break it down for you right here.

Appearance Wise – They’re The Tops! 

There is nothing more exciting and stylish than having slate tiles as your roof coating. There isn’t another roofing material that is classier or stylish than this material. Homeowners, real estate agents, and investors can all tell when you have slate roof tiles in your home. Noticeable and distinct, you will stand out from the rest of your neighbourhood.

A Range Of Stylish For Your Liking

What makes these tiles even more popular is the fact that you have a range of options to choose from, including colours and shades. You have everything from grey, green, purple, black and red to mixed colours that blend. There are also different sizes for you, so you find the selection that matches to what you want for your home. You have the pick of the litter when it comes to slate roof tiles.

Minimal Effort To Maintain

Thanks to the strength of the materials in slate tiles, you don’t require that much maintenance over the years. There will be no need for major roof restorations, roof repairs or gutter repair services. You will have to call a professional once in a while to take a look, but apart from that, there is no time-consuming task with slate tiles.

Durable For Years, Like Years! 

Most roofs last up to 25 to 30 years. But slate roofs, well, we are looking to well over 50 years. That is obscene for a roof lifespan, but it highlights just how durable and strong slate tiles are. We are not talking about tiles that will break or fade after a few decades. We are talking about tiles that are going to last more than half a century. Talk about a solid investment!

So Worth It!

And talking about investments, when you add together the lack of maintenance cost, the strength of the tiles and the longevity, you are getting a solid investment that is worth every penny! Plus, the value of your property will increase with these tiles – so you’ll make more money!

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