Three Waterproof Options For Your Basement |

Three Waterproof Options For Your Basement

Basements are just like bathrooms and kitchens; no, they don’t provide you with a toilet or food, but they are open to water leaks and water problems. That is why the basement has to be waterproofed to ensure that any leaks or cracks happen, that there will not be any problems. But what are the best ways to waterproof your basement? We have discovered three of the best ways in which you can waterproof your basement, including:

  • New drains
  • High-quality sealant (also known as waterproofing products)
  • Epoxy floors

Each of these has their own benefits and cons. So what works best for you? We break down the three of them for you:

New Drains

This is probably the hardest one to get done, unless you already have drains installed in your basement. If you don’t, then you’ll have to look to get some new ones installed. This process is the most effective, but most expensive process. Any water that gets into the basement will be sucked down the drains and into the sewer. Simple and easy; but as we mentioned, getting them installed is the hardest part of the lot.

High-Quality Sealant

The old fashion way, but still super effective in the long run, high-quality sealant or waterproofing product will hold its own against water. While the most common product in regards to bathrooms, kitchens and even outdoor areas, like patios and roofs (thanks to external waterproofing products), this product can also be applied to basements. By locking up the basement tightly, any chances of water getting in or out of the basement will be nullified. It is still the oldest and safest way to ensure that your basement is waterproofed for the long run.  You can look up a range of sealants and products from a wealth of waterproofing product suppliers.

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors (also known as epoxy coating) is a great way to ensure that your basement is safe from any leaks or water. Why is that the case? Because epoxy coatings lock up the floors, provide a safe layer of security and ensure that no water leaks through. More so, epoxy coating has a strong layer of sealant on top of it so to hold its own against water. While similar to concrete polishing, epoxy floors come in a range of different styles and colours, so you can even make your basement look amazing. You get two for one when it comes to epoxy floors.

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